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 Lead Singer Wanted

Are you the one ?

Vyse is currently looking for a lead singer. Wait ... let me re-phrase that. We are looking for THE lead singer !

We are a hard rock/heavy metal band from Chicago that creates our own original music. Our sound could simply be called classic metal, descending from the likes of Metallica, Megadeth, Black Sabbath or Judas Priest. However simple is boring, don't you think ? We really strive to create our own sound. A sound that combines elements of thrash, speed, blues, and everything in between. We have songs that are thrash metal, we have songs that are blues/rock, we have ballads and clean pieces, and we have straight up rock and roll tunes.

We're looking for a lead singer. We're looking for someone to be THE lead singer. We are looking for someone that can SING. Not growl, or just scream, but really sing ! We're looking for someone who can comfortably cover a wide variety of styles and remain fluid just like the rest of the band. Think you might fit ?

Here's what we're looking for:

  • You ARE a singer. You love to sing and you have been singing for a while.

  • You like classic metal like Metallica, Megadeath or Judas Priest to name a few and you can sing it well.

  • You have some experience performing live in front of audiences. You've done it before and you are comfortable with it.

  • You have recordings you can provide us with (audio and/or video).

  • You can act professionally both during practices and live events.

  • You are serious about being in a successful band. It's your dream !

  • You live in the Chicago area (or are willing to relocate there).

  • You are available at least once a week for practice.

  • You are preferably in the age range of 20-30.

  • You preferably have you're own gear (mics, practice PA, etc.)

  • You might even be able to play rhythm guitar.

  • And, finally, you're not crazy, you don't have substance abuse issues, and you get along and work well with others.


We aren't looking for you to copy any one singer's style, but if you want some potential influences, consider: James Hetfield, Rob Halford, Layne Staley, Jim Morrison, Paul Di'Anno (of Iron Maiden), Dax Riggs, and Chuck Billy.


As you can tell, that's quite the mashup of singers ! We just want that type of variety, energy and attitude.

You can check out some of our music on the playlist below and see what you think. There's a mix of studio tracks as well as live performances.

Are you interested ? Contact us at Include as much info as you can about yourself.

We'll talk to you soon !

The Vyse Guys

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